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Rappahannock Tribe gives Kaine a close-up view of conservation partnership

Summarized from: Rappahannock Tribe gives Kaine a close-up view of conservation partnership | WVTF   Rappahannock Chief Anne Richardson is sitting quietly amid a group, excited by acres of pristine...
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Northam pledges over $20 million for Tribal land re-acquisition and cultural site conservation

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced two budget proposals aimed towards protecting Virginia’s natural resources and sites of cultural significance for people of color, including Black...
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Chief Anne at Fones Cliffs

EDITORIAL: Virginia’s tribe get a seat at the table

It seems like a small thing to grant. After a 414-year land grab, the Commonwealth of Virginia is giving federally recognized tribes some say-so in what happens on land that...
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New rule requires consultation with Virginia tribes about development

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) on Thursday signedan order requiring state agencies to consult with Virginia Indian tribes before making decisions that affect land, waterways and other natural sites important to...
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Members of Virginia’s Rappahannock Tribe are at work with archaeologists to document the landscape they call home

Soon after Captain John Smith arrived at Jamestown in 1607, or so the story goes, he was captured by Opechancanough, the brother of the powerful Native chief Powhatan. English explorers...
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Historic Preservation Fund Grant - Rappahannock Tribe

Rappahannock Tribe Receives Grant from the Tribal Heritage Grant Program to Restore the Nelson House

The Rappahannock Tribe of Virginia has received a grant award through the Tribal Heritage grant program, funded by the Historic Preservation Fund and administered by the National Park Service, Department...
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Celebrating the Preservation of a Sacred Site of the Rappahannock Tribe – Fones Cliffs

“People will be able to come to this special place, and spend time doing things recreational, cultural and spiritual. I consider it a national treasure,” Chief Anne Richardson said, noting...
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The Indians were right, the English were wrong: A Virginia tribe reclaims its past

From the road, the abandoned chief’s house is a shadow, almost invisible under a cloak of vines and trees on the edge of a corn field. If you managed to...
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Rappahannock Native American Dancers and Maskapow Drum Group at Heritage Day

The George Washington Birthplace National Monument is treasured as a threshold to America’s history and the site of America Indian Heritage Day. Representatives of the Rappahannock Tribe gave a presentation...
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