About the Rappahannock Tribe

The mission of the Tribe is to preserve Rappahannock culture, social structures, and political structures while educating the public on the rich contributions that Rappahannocks have made and continue to make to Virginia and the Nation.

The Rappahannocks have traditionally hosted their Harvest Festival and Powwow annually on the second Saturday in October at their Cultural Center in Indian Neck, Virginia (Due to COVID19, these gatherings have been called off for 2021.). They have a traditional dance group called the Rappahannock Native American Dancers and a Drum group called the Maskapow Drum Group. Both of these groups perform locally and abroad in their efforts to educate the public on Rappahannock history and tradition.

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Explore the Lands of the Rappahannock Tribe

The Rappahannocks first met Captain John Smith in December 1607 at their capital town "Topahanocke" on the banks of the river bearing their name.  Check out our growing collection of aerial footage and wildlife photos from those very banks.

Centuries of History & Tradition

Return to the River with the First Virginians

The Rappahannock Tribe welcomes the public to experience the rich history and serene atmosphere of our Tribal Center and our Return to the River program, reflecting the culture and traditions their people have enjoyed for thousands of years. It is a welcomed alternative to the bustle of city surroundings and everyday life.

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Charitable Giving

We are a 501c3 Fully Tax-Deductible Organization. All Funds go to the Rappahannock Tribe, who are currently engaged in a number of projects ranging from cultural and educational to social and economic development programs, all geared to strengthen and sustain their Community and Cultural Heritage.

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