Job Description

Housing Program Director

The Housing Program Director is a part-time position (25 hours per week) for the Rappahannock Tribe that will serve its tribal members. He/she will be instrumental in implementing and managing the Rappahannock Tribe’s IHP (HUD) Housing Program.

Job Summary: The Director will be responsible for the development, coordination, monitoring and reporting of the Indian housing Programs, as well as oversite and implementation of projects.

General Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the key point of contact for Chief and Council and federal agencies in the coordination, preparation and monitoring of the Indian Housing Plan and Annual Performance Report.
  • Obtain site control for new projects and work with the Construction Superintendent to manage housing projects.
  • Work with and facilitate Tribal and Committee approvals related to project budgets.
  • Research and work with Grant Writer to identify potential funding sources for future projects.
  • Coordinate and facilitate planning meetings with Council and community.  Conduct rural and urban housing assessment needs.
  • Attend meetings, conferences and events as designated by the Tribal Administrator.
  • Work with Construction Superintendent to assess projects, develop budgets and seek bids for jobs to award contracts.
  • Participate in extensive HUD and NAHASDA training activities/events.
  • Keep current of changes in NAHASDA and IHS statutes and regulations that may require policy or program changes.
  • Maintain Housing Department records, client records and ensure they are stored in a secure place.
  • Develop and provide program presentations on the Housing Program.
  • Prepare written notices, compiles, collects, and records information relating to clients in a secure manner.
  • Receive and process completed applications, verifies client information and works with clients to answer applicant questions.
  • Administers housing related activities for the Sanitation Program through the Indian Health Services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, integrity, respect for confidentiality, sound judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Must have strong time management skills.
  • Must maintain strict confidentiality of extremely sensitive data, records, files, conversations, etc.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suite including Word, Outlook, Project, Excel and PowerPoint, electronic data base management and related software. Create spreadsheets, maintain databases, proficient in on-line meeting platforms.
  • Ability to perform detailed work with a high degree of accuracy on multiple projects.
  • Ability to use tact, discretion, and courtesy in dealing with clients, the public, and others encountered in the course of the work.
  • Knowledge and understanding of HUD regulations and other state and federally related housing agent assessment, standards for quality services.
  • Knowledge of planning and research activities including titles, plats, deeds and other land issues.
  • Able to learn, interpret and apply complex housing and construction project regulations and procedures.
  • Able to learn and follow complex written policies, procedures and compliance guidelines.
  • Thorough knowledge of the region and socio-economic and cultural variables impacting the people and area therein.  Knowledge of planning, developing and monitoring budgets.
  • Able to monitor trends and forecast activities needed regarding Indian Housing and effectively communicate this with executive leadership.
  • Ability to operate a vehicle to drive to and from job sites to conduct business functions and activities.

Requirements: Education and previous experience in successful administration of HUD housing programs.

Hiring Process:

  • Applicants must submit both a Cover Letter and a Resume
  • Applications must be received NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM, November 15th, 2020. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.
  • Applications can be mailed to: Attn: Mr. Herbert Reynolds, Rappahannock Tribe at 5036 Indian Neck Road, Indian Neck, VA 23148.

Qualified persons with Indian Preference are given priority for this position.

If you are claiming Indian Preference, you MUST submit documentation verifying Indian Preference. Examples of verification documentation include:

Certification by an authorized representative of the tribe, band or other organized group of Indians, a Tribal membership card or Tribal voter registration card.