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The Pocahontas Project

Pocahontas' leadership example in the face of adversity is compelling and very relevant today

Much like humanity is facing today, Pocahontas and her people were simultaneously confronted with new diseases and escalating racial tensions after the English started to arrive in 1607.  Barely a teenager in the face of this adversity, Pocahontas exemplified leadership qualities that are compelling and quite relevant in June 2020 for people of all ages, and especially for teenagers around the globe who will inherit the world adults have created for them.

The Pocahontas Project has been developed to inform and inspire people around the world through the lens of the life and legacy of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas.  The Project believes the community development instincts and leadership qualities inherent in the actions of Pocahontas – as a daughter, wife, mother and cross cultural ambassador – are the qualities the world needs at this very important time in human history.


In an effort to inform and inspire the future warriors of the Pocahontas Project, on June 15th we are launching an online self-study Course called Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians. Please visit this link for all the course details and enrollment information.

This self-study Course is presented in 10 segments to be rolled out weekly starting June 15th and available to Students for almost 5 months, through November 8, 2020.  This Course is not just another time-filling entertainment option – this is about preparing and inspiring people to become leaders in the fight to create a more perfect union for humanity.

Please consider taking the Course and be a sphere of influence by spreading the word about the Course to family, friends and colleagues.

The Pocahontas Project